When the Godfather met God the Father

Mario Gambucci is a New York mafia man trying to muscle his way in to Mr. E’s Las Vegas operation. And as a result, Mr. E puts out a contract to kill him with a hit man by the name of Frankie. The attempt fails, but during the attempt, Mario makes a vow to God that if he gets out alive, he will make a Pilgrimage on foot to the orphanage where his mother grew up as child. True to his word, he begins his journey south of the border where he meets Abby McBride whose car has broken down while on her way to take over a mission that her parents from Ireland had run prior to being killed in a car bombing in Dublin. Mario also meets some of the very people he used and abused as a Godfather along the way: drug dealers Jose, Jimmy and Johnny; the former night club singer at his Casino Royale, Bonnie Ray Summers; the high rolling Texas gambler, Willie Sandwich; and the pregnant teenager, Sarah.

After a dramatic struggle that brings about reconciliation between them all, they gel into a makeshift family during the last leg of their journey to the Mission where Abby’s parents had worked. After arriving at the Mission, Mario continues on alone to complete his pilgrimage to the orphanage where his mother had grown up as a child. Once there, he sees the depravity of his life of crime and feels the burden of his sin and under goes a spiritual conversion in which he repents and accepts Jesus as his Savior.

After Mario’s brief soliloquy with God the Father, Frankie–who has been looking for him since his first failed assassination attempt–appears. Pointing his gun at Mario, Frankie asks him if he has any requests before they “part” company.

“Where I am going you cannot follow” Mario tells Frankie, knowing now that his eternal destiny is in the hands of his heavenly Father.

Not comprehending the significance of his remark and miffed that Mario escaped the first attempt on his life, Frankie replies, “You aint goin nowhere this time, Mario”, then shoots him.

The lights fade.

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