Complete darkness. Seven shots ring out in the distance: four quick shots and three steady. The sound of sirens grow and fade in the distance as well as the sound of footsteps. After a brief pause, we hear a phone ring and Mr. E, an old mafia man half asleep, answers. We see nothing in his conversation with Frankie, a hit man from New York.

MR. E (Offstage, Irritated and groggy) Yeah! Who is it?!

FRANKIE (Offstage) Mr. E, it’s Frankie.

MR. E I told you never to call me here, Frankie.

FRANKIE I know Mr. E, but I got some unpleasant news.

MR. E (Angry) You mean he’s still alive!?

FRANKIE His bodyguards are dead, but ah . . . yeah, the godfather is still alive.

MR. E So, why are you calling me Frankie?!

FRANKIE I thought you’d better know now before readin’ it in this morning’s paper.

MR. E I want him dead, Frankie! You hear me……DEAD. Mario has been musclin’ his way into drugs, prostitution, night clubs, gambling — my whole Vegas operation, ever since he left New York.

FRANKIE Yes sir, Mr. E. No problem. I know the man.

MR. E The contract expires at the end of the week, Frankie. After that I’ll have to find someone else to do the job.

FRANKIE Yes sir, Mr. E. I understand.
MR. E I hope so. And, Frankie? . . .


MR. E I don’t ever want you callin’ here again. You need me – you call me at the club like everyone else. You got that? .

FRANKIE Yes, sir . . . ah, Mr. E?

MR. E What is it?

FRANKIE You know it’s a funny thing, but I had Mario in my sites when I pulled the trigger 3 times. I couldn’t a been more than 15 ft away, and I know he don’t wear no bullet proof vest.

MR. E It’s 2:30 in the morning, Frankie. Make your point.

FRANKIE Mr. E, ah . . . You don’t believe in guardian angels do ya? . . .

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